OCD Boxes

Subscription Boxes are all the rage now and I think they are fantastic.  Monthly gifts from make-up, to food, to household items that show up at your door.  I’ve tried various ones, but the one I have been subscribed to the longest is For the Makers, a DIY crafting box.  

But there is a problem.  The boxes have been piling up since April (yes April).  I can think of excuses reasons like end of the school year madness, moving to a new apartment in the summer, beginning of the year madness, etc.  I would tell myself that I’d do it next month and then the next month and find time to catch up the month after that.  I briefly thought of canceling the subscription but I really like the idea of the projects and the quality of the materials.  

I am very OCD about doing things in order so this has actually been stressing me out thinking about how I was going to do all these boxes.  In an OCD person’s mind (or at least mine) I wouldn’t be able to work on other projects or explore other areas while I had this pile of unfinished boxes.  (Not OCD?  Grab one you know and ask.  I promise they’ll understand my dilemma.)  I have been pondering this issue and think I may finally have a solution.  Huzzah!  

I’m going to store all my unfinished boxes away and start fresh in January.  I’m going to treat it like I am a brand new customer and since I am refocusing on crafting, hopefully I can keep up with it.  Strangely (and thankfully) my OCD self is totally ok with this situation (probably only because I’m starting in January) and now I’m looking forward to my January box. 

Link: For the Makers

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