Project Patio

Project Patio is 95% finished, enough for me to show it to you.  It has been my main obsession focus this Spring Break and I’m very happy with it.

Here is the BEFORE:


Dying plants, ugly floor.  The fence is ok, but it had big gaps and there were sections where it wasn’t fully nailed down.  Bicycle in the way.

And now…. the AFTER:


Ta-da!  Warm, inviting and cozy.  Absolutely love it.  Let’s take a little tour shall we?


I already had the chair, stand and footstool.  I got the throw from Family Dollar and the citronella candle will hopefully keep a nice barrier between me and the mosquitos.


The most expensive piece is this console stand from Garden Ridge.  It was $50 but considering it was exactly what I wanted it was worth it.   Pillow from Wal-mart which I will use on occasion and I got a bucket from Dollar Tree to corral gardening tools.  


The rug is from Target and was only $20.  It is one of my favorite things in the new space.  The lantern tree and star are from Pier 1 (I love, love, love Pier 1) and the two center lanterns are from Ikea ($4!).  I picked up some napkins that were also on clearance from Pier 1 that I am using as decorative runners. 


The “plant stand” is from Dollar General and is an indoor table.  It probably won’t last forever, but for right now it is perfect and it will last long enough.  The yellow piece in the corner I found at a thrift store.  It is metal and went perfectly with what I hoped would come together in my mind.  You can see another napkin as decoration along with a lantern and candles from Pier 1 and a decorative hurricane glass from Target (it was on clearance and only cost me $3).  Two plants I already had and the rest are from Home Depot and Houston Garden Centers.  Hope I can keep them alive.

And oh yes, the reed fence.  It comes in a 6 foot roll from Home Depot.  We (well ok, Mr. Boyfriend) nailed it in place with U-shaped nails that will be easy to pull out.  I got the idea from Engineer Your Space.  It really set the tone for the whole space. It extends about a foot and a half above the patio fence and really gives a sense of privacy, plus the lighter color makes the whole space feel more welcoming.  AND an unexpected bonus is that I have been able to let my cat out on the patio for short intervals.  She is still not so sure about this “new room” but it is much more secure than the previous version ever was and I’m hopeful she will be able to enjoy the space.

So there it is.  I am very happy with it and look forward to spending many lovely days out there.  There are still a few things I want to do.  I need to find a seating option for Mr. Boyfriend, I need to change the patio light which is old and dingy and I want to find something to hang on the red wall by the plants.  But 95% is pretty darn good and my brain has finally switched from obsession to enjoyment. 

I’ll leave you with VIEW FROM WHERE I SIT.  Fabulous!



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