Summer 1

Remember my list of all the summer things I was going to do? Yeah, I didn’t do much of that.  But I WAS productive.

Summer Week 1

Ended the school year by going to three different graduation parties.  It was interesting to see the different approaches each family provided and it was fun to celebrate with the students. 

Mr. Boyfriend and I finally visited Schlitterbahn in Galveston together.  He had never been and we had a great time. 

Miss Kitty visited the vet for her yearly shots.  It was an ORDEAL.  To say that being in the carrier freaks her out is an understatement.  

I visited my allergist, my dentist and ended up at my primary care for a blood pressure/anxiety problem.  Controlling both of those things have been added to my summer list. 

So this first week of vacation hasn’t been exactly relaxing.  Next week is going to be busy, but hopefully more on the happy busy side than the stressful busy side.

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