Summer List

Having two months off is surprisingly difficult for an anxiety ridden person such as myself.  I need to keep myself busy and I need some checks and balances.  Thus the summer list.  A list of things that I can work on during the summer.   I won’t get to them all, but when those feelings surface I have a reference to keep myself busy.  I’ll post weekly about my progress.  In no particular order:

* Debuggify my patio.  
Wasps, bees and more.  Apparently it is THE place to be.

* Reorganize bathroom closet

* Put in new bathroom decorations.
You know.. the ones that have been sitting in your house for a month and a half.

* Finish decorating the bathroom.

* Reorganize bedroom closet shelves.

* Get real about the clothes hanging in my closet.  Time to purge!

* Go shopping for comfortable work shoes.

* Buy a kayak.

* Replace the ugly lamps in the bedroom.

* Create earring organizer/display.

* Buy new bed linens for bed.

* More than once weekly exercise.

* Visit HMNS and MFAH.  It’s been WAY too long. 

* Play my long neglected ukelele.

* Books, books, books.  

* Get crafty at least once a week.

* Eating out will be very minimal.  Cook, cook, cook.

(I am going to collect craft and recipe ideas in my Summer 2014 Pinterest Board).

* Take a water aerobics class.

* Buy a new bird feeder.

* Buy new swimsuits.

* Work things.

I’ll add more to this list as I think of them.  Already on my calendar are a 3 day conference on a software program I use at work, the Little Mermaid, Eddie Izzard, visiting my Mom, visiting my Aunt and Grandma, the Blacklight 5K run/walk, doctors visits (blech) and catching up with Cosmos, Once Upon a Time, Agents of Shield, and House of Cards (priorities people!).

Summer 1